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Conserving water now can save your association thousands in 2012   Well it is that time of year finally.  The days are shorter, and temperature drops, and you guessed it, it’s time for City of Austin water users to participate in wastewater averaging.  This three month period is very important to any HOA or condo association budget. What is waste water averaging you ask?  Waste water averaging is the process of estimating the amount of waste water discharged into the sanitary sewer system. This acts as a cap on the volume of wastewater you will be billed every month.  I know what you are asking, “Why doesn’t the city refer to the meters for the numbers?” Well, unfortunately the city does not have meters on the waste water lines. They have found however that wastewater averaging is generally reflective of the actual wasterwater being discharged. What does this all mean in English?  Everyone for their own financial reasons should strive to conserve water during their wastewater average period.  How much water you use during this period determines how much you pay for wasterwater for the entire next year.  If you have glanced at your bill lately, you’ll see that the average City of Austin water bill is about 66% wastewater costs and the remainder being normal water usage.  The reason that wastewater costs more is that wasterwater must be extensively treated before it is released back into the water system. This period is even more important for all Austin HOA and Condo associations on a shared water system.  These communities must work together to reduce their overall usage.  Water is becoming more and more of a concern for all Austin areas due the severe drought from this past summer and the increased scarcity on area water sources. These increased water costs can severely affect annual budgets for your association, which you as the homeowner or condo owner ultimately support financially.  Being proactive with your HOA and Condo Management company along with your community can truly make a difference.  For instance, PS Property Management has a water conservation campaign that we conduct this time every year that has proven to be effective, and has saved our communities thousands. Water costs have and will continue to increase over the coming years.  This ultimately will make the wastewater averaging period that much more important to both you and your community.  Did yourself a favor, use less water, and save hundreds in 2012. Information referenced from the City of Austin

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